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6 HOUR ONLINE NOTARY PUBLIC COURSE (Updated for 2022) - $39.93

Thank you for choosing our 6 hour notary public online course updated for 2022.  For a limited time, by ordering this course, you will also receive our standard 6 hour course which includes practice tests for free.  Please follow these steps to complete your purchase, start taking the online course and receive your "Proof of Completion" upon completion of the course:

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  3. Once you have completed the course, please fill out the course completion affidavit and email or fax it to us according to information on the affidavit;
  4. You will receive your "Proof of Completion" via email within 48 hours of submission of your affidavit;
  5. You will need to submit your "Proof of Completion" along with other required documents to the Secretary of State to qualify for the Notary Public examination. (Please see our homepage for more information)
  6. Please email us at info@AllianceSchool.com with any questions.
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