Alliance School

For Online Notary Public Education was founded in April 2010 through the joint efforts of a few California notaries public and certified as a qualified education provider in November 2010 by the California Secretary of State. 

The purpose of our online resources is to help train future generations of notaries public in California and support current notaries public in continuing their service to the public at large.

While the State of California consistently changes its laws as they pertain to the duties and responsibilities of California notaries public, one fact remains the same.  Being a notary public and staying in business is a constant challenge.  Notaries public along with teachers remain two of the most underpaid and under-appreciated groups of public servants.

We hope that by offering reasonable online courses to the public, we will help alleviate the challenge of becoming and remaining a notary public.  We look forward to the day when a much more educated public will appreciate its educators more.  The day when our politicians will run on a campaign slogan of "More Teachers" rather than "More Police Officers"!

Please support our mission by ordering our 3-hour or 6-hour notary course today!