By purchasing our online self-study Notary Public courses, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following:

Alliance School is a private education vendor approved by the State of California Secretary of State offering online Notary Public preparation courses for candidates within California and is not affiliated with the State of California.  $19.97 & Up Notary Courses is an affiliated program of Alliance School.  Our courses are considered intellectual property and are NOT REFUNDABLE.  Our online notary courses include study materials and sample test questions and answers approved by the California Secretary of State - Notary Public Division as education vendor numbers 303292, 603272 and 603592 and are updated annually.  Please follow all of the instructions on our website as you order our courses.  Upon paying for the specific course which you are ordering, you will be redirected to the course material through PayPal.  You are strongly advised to read all of the study material included in our courses in order to prepare for the Notary Public examination.  Our courses are only available online and do not include or require live instruction or attending classes.  While our courses qualify for the education requirements set by the California Secretary of State, it is your responsibility to ensure that you order the appropriate course (3 hours or 6 hours) for your specific situation.  The purchase of our products is not refundable and we will not be able to issue partial credit for courses taken in error or when an applicant changes his or her mind.  This is in order to ensure that we can continue to keep our prices low.  It is the candidate's responsibility to spend the required number of hours in taking our 3-hour or 6-hour courses which consist of online educational material and also available in pdf format.  Beginning in June 2018, the Secretary of State has mandated that each education vendor ensure that the student purchasing the course spends at least the minimum required amount of time studying it.  At the end of the required study time, the student will gain access to complete a declaration confirming that he/she has spent the required amount of time studying the current year course.  This declaration is made under the penalty of perjury under California law and the candidate will be required to complete it fully in order to receive a Proof of Completion of the course.  Said Proof of Completion has been approved and will be sufficient to fulfill the education requirement set by the California Secretary of State. A Proof of Completion can only be issued for a course purchased during the current calendar year or within 30 days of the beginning of the current calendar year and will be valid for 2 years once issued.  On the declaration form, the candidate will be asked for identification information and a signed declaration attesting to the fact that the candidate has spent at least the required amount of time taking our courses.  While we do not charge extra for the Proof of Completion, we reserve the right to deny the issuance of a Proof of Completion to anyone who has not purchased our current year course or whose payment has been reversed or rejected by a bank or credit card company or who fails to complete the declaration form fully.  We also reserve the right to deny the issuance of a Proof of Completion if fraud or any violation of California law (including perjury) in regard to the completion of the Notary Public course is suspected or if we are expressly advised by the Secretary of State against issuing it to a specific candidate.  In addition, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who engages in abusive behavior such as offensive remarks, threats, profanities and/or sending abusive or excessive emails.  Please note that we do not charge for the Proof of Completion and if we decide not to issue a Proof of Completion for any of the reasons stated above, you will not be entitled to a refund for the purchase of the course as our courses are NOT REFUNDABLE.  All dishonored/reversed/rejected payments shall be subject to a collection fee of $80.07 in addition to the amount of the dishonored payment.  Such accounts with unpaid balances may be assigned to an outside collection agency for collection and may be reported to credit reporting bureaus. 

It is your responsibility to follow the specific steps to gain access to the courses after you have purchased them.  We will also be happy to help you by sending you the link as a courtesy after you have paid if you miss the link.  However, due to the fact that the system is fully functional and tested on a regular basis, any claims with PayPal based on the allegation of non-receipt will be dealt with as fraud and reported to the Secretary of State.  It is extremely important that you are proficient in the English language and have a basic knowledge of computers/internet to be able to follow the simple instructions posted on our website.  While we will help you regain access to the courses and/or email them to you if you miss them the first time, your refusal to follow instructions will not be considered a failure on our end and will not entitle you to a refund. We strongly recommend that you contact us if you somehow miss the link by not following the instructions on our site.  We will get back to you within 48 business hours.  Please note however, that if you follow the instructions on our order page, you will gain immediate access to the courses you purchase upon paying through PayPal.  If you make your payment directly using a credit card (and not through PayPal), the link to our courses will be included in your receipt which will be emailed to you immediately following the purchase.  By purchasing our courses, you acknowledge that your purchase is NOT REFUNDABLE.

While you are welcome to share your purchased course material with others for non-commercial purposes, we will only issue one Proof of Completion per purchase.  The reproduction and/or resale of our course material shall be construed commercial use and are prohibited.  Violators will be prosecuted in accordance to California and federal laws.  Please allow 2 business days after you have submitted your affidavit of completion to our offices to receive your Proof of Completion. It is your responsibility to submit your affidavit to our office in time to be able to receive it prior to taking the Notary Public examination.  While we will do our best to accommodate candidates in emailing the Proof of Completion as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to issue it any sooner than 2 business days after receiving the candidate's fully completed affidavit.  Nevertheless, If you are submitting your completed affidavit of completion today and you are taking the exam tomorrow, please indicate that on your affidavit of completion and we will do our best to accommodate you as best we can (subject to a fee) while not guaranteeing a less than 2-business-day turnaround.  For the purposes of this process, a business day shall be defined as any working day other than a Saturday, Sunday, legal or major Jewish holiday with the exception of Hanukkah and Purim.  Proof of Completion will be emailed to the candidate's email address used when ordering our courses and only for the course which the candidate has purchased.  Prior year purchases DO NOT entitle any candidate to a Proof of Completion for the current year unless the candidate purchases our current year course as well.  If you require a print-out be mailed to your physical address, there will be an additional $10 fee.  This fee can be paid by sending a $10 payment to info@AllianceSchool.com via PayPal.  Please indicate in the comments field that you are requesting that a Proof of Completion be mailed to you and we will mail you a physical copy via USPS first class mail.  If you or your employer require an invoice from us before you a payment can be made for our courses, an invoice will be issued in the amount of $50 per candidate.  This is to cover additional administrative costs when you choose not to follow the procedures to purchase our courses online.  Our $11.98 Notary Exam Preparation Kit is intended for our students who have recently purchased one of our courses.  The fee for non-students is $19.98.
Our privacy policy strictly prohibits us from releasing any information received from the candidate to any third parties other than the Secretary of State and other government agencies as required by California law.  We cannot discuss or release any information regarding our candidates, including but not limited to whether the candidate has taken or completed our course with anyone other than the candidate and/or the California Secretary of State.  By purchasing our courses, you acknowledge that your payment is for the purchase of the course material and not the Proof of Completion. 

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